Subscription Plans

We offer a flat monthly rate from $54 for the use of an OrdersSystem license that best suits your business needs.

Let us know how many products you want to sell online:

  • Advanced 200 Plan - Includes menu interface for a complete online store. Have up to 200 products online, each with multiples sizes and prices.
  • Advanced 500 Plan - Menu interface for a complete online store. Have up to 500 products online, each with multiple sizes and prices.

Tailor your license based on how you fulfill orders to your customers:

  • Pick up only - Your customers order online and come to your business location to pick up their orders
  • Delivery only - Your customers order online and your business delivers their order to their residence or business location.
  • Pick up and delivery (both) - Your customers order online and have the option of either picking up their order from your business location or having it delivered by you.

OrdersSystem subscription plan offer a number of benefits:

  • Data and customer relationship management tools allow you to retain all of your customer information. You are the owner of your customer information!
  • Select the plan and features you need today, scale up or down at any time.
  • We host the system ourselves, meaning that maintenance and upgrades are automatic and seamless.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Simple and transparent pricing.

One of the great things about our fully hosted systems is that you can select the system and version that works for you today, and upgrade seamlessly when the time is right.


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